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dideco compact advane

Sponsored links Speed Downloads dideco compact advane [TRUSTED DOWNLOAD] 1500 KB/s 10 310 dideco compact advane [HIGHSPEED DOWNLOAD] 1200 KB/s 5 945 dideco compact advane [Full Download] 1000 KB/s 1 290 Cell Salvage Paediatrics - A Robertson website.ppt Cell Saver 5 *. Ortho/cardioardiopat. Dideco. Electa. Compact Advanced. Cobe (Sorin) ... Dideco Compact Advance 55ml bowl vs. Fresenius CATS ... http://www.transfusionguidelines.org.uk/docs/pdfs/rtc-lo_edu_pres_robertson.pdf Reducing the risk of allogeneic blood transfusion device (e.g., the Dideco Compact Advanced, Dideco S.p.A.,. Reducing the risk of allogeneic blood transfusion. Battista Borghi, Hanna van Oven ... http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/reprint/166/3/332.pdf Intraoperative Autotransfusion in Small Children: An In Vitro ... (capacity 55 mL) are now available (DIDECO Compact-A. & Advanced; Sorin Biomedica .... DIDECO Compact-A & Advanced, Sorin Biomedica, Puchheim, Germany; ... http://www.anesthesia-analgesia.org/cgi/reprint/88/4/763.pdf Intraoperative Moderate Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution Associated ... a cell salvage circuit (Compact Advanced; Dideco). During surgery, isovolemia was maintained by the infusion of lactated Ringer's solution and succinylated ... http://www.anesthesia-analgesia.org/cgi/reprint/98/5/1223.pdf and Processing Techniques DIDECO Compact Advanced Unit pumping blood through the lines into tin? washbowl. Figure 3. The centrifuge unit, at this point, ... http://www.proussaefsdds.com/articles/31.pdf A Simulation Study for the Design of a Control System for the ... device, such as the DIDECO Compact Advanced™, red blood .... The DIDECO COMPACT Advanced™ device „inside square… and its connections to the various bags ... http://www.springerlink.com/index/X1KW8051Q3374842.pdf Blood salvage in craniosynostosis surgery Dideco Compact Advanced 55 ml bowl a a. Commercial instruments or systems b. All subsequent systems listed. (except Solcotrans) are centri- ... http://www.springerlink.com/index/6LF755822TTNG8W5.pdf Haemolysis during cardiopulmonary bypass: how to reduce the free ... (Dideco) cardiotomy reservoir and returned to the patient only after having been washed at the end of the operation, using a Compact Advanced ... http://amp.osu.edu/CT/download/Journal Club/jc_041805_jf.pdf Selected abstracts from presentations to the 18th Spring Meeting ... was performed with a Dideco Compact Advanced Cell Saver. All shed mediastinal blood prior to heparinization and following protamine ... http://eprints.soton.ac.uk/8995/02/cc1032.pdf Hemostatic effects of tranexamic acid in elective thoracic aortic ... circuit (Compact Advanced; Dideco) was used to recoup blood from the operative field and to process the blood remaining in the ... http://jtcs.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/reprint/123/6/1084.pdf Pulmonary dissemination of tumor cells after extended resection of ... through the Cell-Saver System (Compact Advanced Wash Set. BT745C/125; Dideco s.p.a., Mirandola, Italy). Second, modification of homeostasis by CPB may ... http://jtcs.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/reprint/124/3/635.pdf Perioperative management of four anaemic female Jehovah's ... 27 Jun 2007 ... centrated in a cell salvage circuit (Compact Advanced,. Dideco, Mirandola, Italy), and re-infused through a circuit ... http://bja.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/99/3/349.pdf Autotransfusion in major orthopaedic surgery: experience with 1785 ... (Compact-A Dideco, Mirandola MO, Italy). In the .... The Compact-A Dideco apparatus used in our ... blood which may be obtained in advance of surgery ... http://bja.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/79/5/662.pdf symbol of excellence demanding performance, and the advanced design allows for improved integration with the perfusion circuit. ... Dideco KIDS. The optimal fit for the smallest of patients. ... The first compact heart-lung machine is introduced. COBE CV ... http://www.soringroup-usa.com/images/linkfiles/Sorin_PBMSBro_8.5x11_visual.pdf Product Offering Compact Advanced Autotransfusion Systems. dIdECO AuTOTRANSFuSION RESERVOIRS. 4119. BT844 Autotransfusion Reservoir 3L 40 micron filter (Note: ACRSHEL is ... http://www.soringroup-usa.com/images/linkfiles/products/Sorin2007_Catalog.pdf CONTENTS Dideco Infant And Paediatric Venous and Cardiotomy Reservoirs . .... Stöckert Compact SC . ...... Advanced Technology Leads . ... http://www.espicom.com/web.nsf/structure/TocsMDCA02/$File/Sorin.pdf Cardiopulmonary bypass strategy during concomitant surgical ... Compact Advanced (Dideco, Mirandola, Italy) auto- transfusion equipment, and re-transfused to the patient. All patients were weaned successfully from CPB. ... http://prf.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/18/1/19.pdf Perfusion compact, requiring just three square feet of floor .... Dideco-Shiley distributor. Hemotec offers advanced, total haemostasis management system ... http://prf.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/3/4/317.pdf Journal of Patient Safety - Fulltext: Anesthesia & Analgesia ... ... in case of intraoperative bleeding more than 250 mL, reinfused after washing and concentration in a cell salvage circuit (Compact Advanced; Dideco). ... http://www.journalpatientsafety.com/pt/re/jps/fulltext.00000539-200405000-00005.pdf Journal of Patient Safety - Fulltext: Anesthesiology, Volume 97(2 ... A cell saver circuit (Compact Advanced, Dideco, Mirandola, Italy) was used in all patients to concentrate the remaining cellular content in the circuit for ... http://www.journalpatientsafety.com/pt/re/jps/fulltext.00000542-200208000-00013.pdf 2005;79:696-698 Ann Thorac Surg Cornélia S. Carr, Alan Rayner ... (Dideco, Compact-Advanced, Mirandola, Italy) was used, using citrate for anticoagulation (ACDA Solution, Baxter. Healthcare Ltd, Norfolk, UK) to salvage any ... http://ats.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/reprint/79/2/696.pdf PII: S0003-4975(02)04025-0 treatment allocations were generated in advance of start- ing the study and were concealed in sequentially num- ... ensure distal perfusion, and a cell-saving system (Dideco. Compact, Mirandola, Italy) was used during the procedure. ... http://ats.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/reprint/74/6/2088.pdf Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Fulltext: Volume 113(4) April ... 1 Apr 2004 ... All operations were performed with a cell-saver (Compact Advanced, Dideco; Sorin Biomedical, Irvine, Calif.) equipped with a 55-cc pediatric ... http://www.prsjournal.com/pt/re/prs/fulltext.00006534-200404010-00002.pdf JOINT ER the most advanced. ha.C. coating available with a pure titanium ...... Dideco Compact-A. The ideal partner for your autotransfusion program. The new Dideco ... http://www.jbjs.org.uk/cgi/issue_pdf/frontmatter_pdf/75-B/5.pdf Major Safety Alerts in October 2006 (This page is subject to ... The local agent informed that no affected units had been distributed in Hong Kong. SA060176 Dideco Electa and Compact Advanced Autotransfusion Wash ... http://www.mdco.gov.hk/english/recalls/files/alerts_20061019.pdf Major Safety Alerts in March 2007 (This page is subject to further ... The local agent informed that no affected units had been distributed in Hong Kong. SA060176. Dideco Electa and Compact Advanced Autotransfusion Wash ... http://www.mdco.gov.hk/english/recalls/files/alerts_20070316.pdf 450 / 9546 The Scientific Group MAQUET SERVO S 08.02 ventilator ... 11218 Hemodialysis Units. 545 / 11685 Viking Medical & Surgical. (Pty) Ltd. DIDECO. COMPACT ADVANCED. 08.13 hemodialysis unit. 11218 Hemodialysis Units ... http://www.doh.gov.za/department/radiation/licensing/electronicproducts/medical/licence1.pdf 015 / #### 06.01 diagnostic ultrasound unit R&J Medical Suppliers ... 11218 Hemodialysis Units. 545 / #### 08.13 hemodialysis unit. Viking Medical & Surgical. (Pty) Ltd. DIDECO. COMPACT ADVANCED. 11218 Hemodialysis Units ... http://www.doh.gov.za/department/radiation/licensing/electronicproducts/medical/code1.pdf Helio Begliomini operatória de sangue: 1 – Compact Advanced da Dideco de procedência italiana e utilizada no presente caso; 2 – Cell. Saver S da Haemotics de procedência ... http://www.scielo.br/pdf/rcbc/v32n6/v32n6a13.pdf SUPPORTED DEVICE DRIVERS Stockert Compact. Heartlung Machine. dRägeR MediCAl. Babylog 8000 ... dideCo. Electa. Autotransfusion. This information is updated regularly. ... Advanced Perfusion. System 1. Heartlung Machine. tyCo heAlthCARe 7200A ... http://www.isirona.com/iSironaDeviceDrivers.pdf * Grafting Pretreatment in Coronary Artery Bypass Cardioprotective ... tients of advanced age and with decreased myocardial reserve. .... Plus; Dideco) that mixed blood with a sanguineous solution in a ratio of 4:1. ... likine Compact; CLB; Amsterdam, Netherlands). The detection limits were 3.0, 0.4, 3.0, ... http://www.chestjournal.org/content/120/3/860.full.pdf SABS Agenda item Risk Stds mtg 061107.doc 6 Nov 2007 ... COMPLETE® MOISTUREPLUSTM FROM ADVANCED. MEDICAL OPTICS (AMO) ..... GROUP DIDECO ELECTA AND COMPACT. AUTOTRANSFUSION MACHINES. ... http://www.burypct.nhs.uk/fileadmin/user_upload/clinical_governance/R_S_Meetings_Minutes/2007/071106/20071106_RSSC_AI1.4_SABS.pdf Bury PCT 11 Sep 2007 ... COMPLETE® MOISTUREPLUSTM FROM ADVANCED. MEDICAL OPTICS (AMO). Acknowledged ..... GROUP DIDECO ELECTA AND COMPACT. AUTOTRANSFUSION MACHINES. ... http://www.burypct.nhs.uk/fileadmin/user_upload/clinical_governance/R_S_Meetings_Minutes/2007/070911/Agenda_Item_1.4_-_Safety_Alert.pdf 소아에서 Continuous Autotransfusion System (CATS )을 이용한 자가 ... 와 DIDECO compact-A & Advanced. Ⓡ. )와 비교 시 소. 아에서 사용이 가장 적합한 것으로 보고 되었다. 16). Dahmani. 등도 6개월 이하 영아에서의 두개골 유합증 ... http://pdf.medrang.co.kr/Kjae/054/Kjae054-06-04.pdf Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery opulmonary bypass (CPB) and a cell-saver (Compact-. Dideco ... catheter was preliminary advanced through a percutane- ous left brachial artery access), ... http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1749-8090-1-26.pdf ASAIO Journal - Fulltext: Volume 48(6) November/December 2002 p ... Dideco Module 4000 and Mera HPO-15H are the conventional microporous .... et al: A VAD and novel high performance compact oxygenator for long-term ECMO with ... http://www.asaiojournal.com/pt/re/asaio/fulltext.00002480-200211000-00010.pdf ASAIO Journal - Fulltext: Volume 48(3) May/June 2002 p 260-267 ... connection lines made with Dideco PVC pipes; the size of the pipes is summarized in ..... of the device in a prospective compact circuit configuration. ... http://www.asaiojournal.com/pt/re/asaio/fulltext.00002480-200205000-00011.pdf COVER proceedings (Page 1) Compact A, Dideco, Mirandola, Modena, Italy), allows the encapsulation of ...... Therefore the technology here introduced represents a new and advanced ... http://www.nanotec.it/nanomedicine/conference_proceedings.pdf Microsoft PowerPoint - GVS Medical - Presentation 2006 [modalità ... equipped with advanced instruments and using sophisticated ... The compact size reduces dimension of the packaging and allows easier .... Dideco. > Edwards Lifescence. > Edwards Lifescence. > Fresenius. > Gambro. > Haemonetics ... http://www.gvs.it/flex/files/D.2d590deb60f7af9cbe36/GVS_Medical___Presentation.pdf DOI: 10.1016/j.ejcts.2005.05.021 2005;28:478-482 Eur J ... A cell-saver system (Compact-Dideco w. -Modena, Italy) was helpful to minimize transfusion ... guidewire was advanced through the sheath and secured in ... http://ejcts.ctsnetjournals.org/cgi/reprint/28/3/478.pdf An Improved Model of Isolated Hemoperfused Porcine Livers Using ... The compact size and the absence of magnetic components also allow a use for advanced imaging techniques. In conclusion this optimized perfusion system provides a sound .... genating module (Lilliput 1, Dideco, Mirandola, Italy) re- ... http://www.informaworld.com/index/T5249430516H6187.pdf PRACTICE INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL TEST 1 SOCIAL STUDIES PART I: MULTIPLE ... 1. advanced urban civilization ..... Refer to the cartoon and explain why high tariffs, such as the one described in Document 1, did eco- .... The constitutional compact has been deliberately broken and disregarded by the ... http://www.amscopub.com/\images\file\File_277.pdf Auction Catalog Cover Sheet Hill-Rom Advance 1155 Electric Patient Bed with. Head and Foot Boards. 939. Hill-Rom Advance 1155 Electric Patient Bed ...... Dideco Compact-A Cell Saver ... http://www.centurionservice.com/pdf/auctionCatalog20090317.pdf RÉCUPÉRATION DE SANG PÉRIOPÉRATOIRE (RSPO) SUIVIE DE SON ... Dideco. Per- et postopératoire. (données non publiées, unité d'hémoviligance de l'Afssaps, 2003). - Compact Advanced Dideco ... http://www.hemovigilance-cncrh.fr/Secutran/RSPO_rap.pdf applied cardiopulmonary pathophysiology Vol. 11, No. 2-2007 Contents of mediastinal blood washed in a Dideco Compact cell saver led to significantly lower plasma ...... severely ill patients and patients with advanced age are ... http://www.applied-cardiopulmonary-pathophysiology.com/uploads/media/acp-2-2007.pdf SSAI-kirja final2.pmd advance and titrate to a heart rate of 60 to 70 beats per minute. .... on the market (Compact-A, Electa Dideco) or imported discontinuous-flow (Cell Saver 5 ... http://www.congrex.fi/ssai2003/abstractbook.pdf HIBCC, Hospitals &Patient Safety and a compact symbol size. The resulting standards define records that are defined ..... content is not as advanced as the HIBCC standards. .... Dideco SpA. Gambro SpA. Johnson & Johnson. Medical Holdings, SpA. Kerr Italia SpA ... http://www.hibcc.org/PUBS/LINES/HIBCC_LINES_HopitalPatientSafety.pdf Azienda Ospedaliera Istituto Ortopedico Gaetano Pini Milano All. 1 ... 1011 66304. BLOCCO. OPERATORIO. ANTICAMERA. AUTOTRASFUSIONE,. APPARECCHIO PER. COMPACT Advanced. B08347N96. DIDECO SPA. ASSENTE ... http://www.gpini.it/istituto/bandi/bandi_archivio/Allegato1.pdf inventario inv_economale inventario_principale apparecchiatura ... COMPACT M. NN. DIDECO SPA. ISTITUTO ORTOPEDICO GAETANO PINI. NON TROVATI ...... ADVANCED STERILIZATION PRODUCTS. ISTITUTO ORTOPEDICO GAETANO PINI ... http://www.gpini.it/istituto/bandi/bandi_archivio/Bandi 2005/Bando_n6_2005/elenco[1].apparecchiature.pdf DZIAŁ 03 Chirurgia ogólna dokumentu. Termin ważności. Adres dostawcy. Aparat do autotransfuzji typu. COMPACT ADVANCED z wyposażeniem. Pompa próżniowa Nr kat. 75315. DIDECO S.P.A. ... http://www.itam.zabrze.pl/COTM/pdf/wwm03.pdf 1 2

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